In October 2020, a New York City Pastry Chef and her Sous Chef started an online pie shop for the Holidays. What started out as a limited-time Thanksgiving pie business turned into full online pastry shop specializing in seasonal desserts and unique cookie tins. Pastry Creations is run by professionally trained pastry chefs who apply high-level pastry skills to delicious, approachable desserts to enjoy in your home. 

We use only the highest quality ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible, because we believe every detail matters. Whether you are buying gifts for friends, family, business associates, or yourself, we will bake and package the desserts with love, care and attention. Gift wrapping on cookie tins and gift notes are always free. Let us bring joy and delicious pastries to you! 

About Lindsey: 

Lindsey Farr is a professional pastry chef in New York City. She was formerly the Executive Pastry Chef for Marc Forgione and has worked in Michelin restaurants around Manhattan. Lindsey also runs the popular food blog Chef Lindsey Farr.com and corresponding YouTube channel. Lindsey has a degree in Professional Pastry Arts and Professional Bread Making from the International Culinary Center. She believes in the power of gluten and spreading joy through delicious baked-goods.

About Mara: 

Mara Szymaniak has worked in bakeries and professional kitchens for the better part of a decade. She graduated from the International Culinary Center with a degree in Pastry Arts in 2017 and has worked with Chef Lindsey ever since!  Mara believes that pastries and desserts have the unique ability to bring people together.